About me

My name is Annalaura. I was born and raised in Sardinia, where I currently live. I am deeply in love with my homeland. I graduated in Archaeology from the University of Sassari and am currently a licensed tour guide, registered with the Registry of Tourist Guides of the Sardinia Region.

I have turned my main passion into a job, and my goal is to share the same love for this land with as many people as possible. Sardinia is not just its crystal-clear sea, its landscapes, and its millennia-old history. Sardinia is made of traditions, authentic scents, and flavours that are worth getting to know. I wish anyone the fortune of visiting this wonderful land at least once in their lifetime. Its perfumes and landscapes stay in the heart of every traveller forever.

If you’re wondering what places you should absolutely see in Sardinia, what experiences you should have, and what flavours you should discover based on the time and budget you have, you’re in the right place. My role is to make your journey exactly as you desire.

Create your special and personalised travel experience now, with no pre-set itineraries or ready-made packages.

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