What I offer

For those who love DIY holidays but want the assurance that everything goes smoothly, I offer the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience in Sardinia. The perfect vacation starts here. I provide my knowledge and love for this land to guide you on what to do and see once you arrive on the island. Just let me know when you will be staying and what your needs are, and I will tailor an itinerary for you with all the necessary information to make sure you easily get to the places you want to visit, without fear of wasting time and money.

An example?!

You arrive in Olbia in July and want to enjoy the sea and the good food, but you are also an adventurer and don’t want to give up your dose of adrenaline despite the high temperatures. I will direct you to the best destinations both near your accommodation and beyond, optimizing your stay in Sardinia to the fullest. I’ll give you recommendations on the best guides and places to visit, where to eat local cuisine, and even what to do in case of a strong mistral wind.

Or if you’re a fan of road trips like me and want to see as much as possible, just tell me where you’ll be arriving, and I’ll advise you on where to stop and what to see during your vacation, whether you depart from the same port/airport or a different one.

Are you curious? Here’s a practical example for you.

Choose your itinerary, and you’ll receive it within 48 hours—you won’t regret it! The perfect vacation starts here.

How long will you stay in Sardinia? Fill out the form.

Two-day itinerary €60.00

Seven-day itinerary €200.00

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